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Professional Baseball Training

Welcome to ProSwingRx. ProSwingRx is your source for baseball instruction and professional training analysis. We utilize the most advanced HD slow-motion enhanced software for both lessons as well as personal development.

Membership / Personal Swing Analysis

Join as a member and utilize the most advanced sports analysis software available for swing analysis. Upload your own videos, store them in your locker, and create your own swing analysis. Enjoy the ability to print your entire swing sequence in 4 different layouts, isolate single shots, or draw and edit your video! You can even compare your swing side-by-side with professional and collegiate players in our library! All personal videos are secure and private.


Now you have access to the same professional hitting instruction provided to professional players! Master hitting instructor,  Dan Koosed, will break down your swing, frame-by-frame, providing you with detailed feedback on your "key positions". You will see what you are doing correctly and what you need to adjust.

Get the results you want now! Seeing is believing!

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About Us

Professional hitting instruction and video swing analysis are the single most important factors why some players excel and move onto the next level of play. However, these may not be available to everyone. Lessons involve a significant commitment of time as well as financial investment. Video swing analysis is only available with the right slow-motion enhanced software.

ProSwingRx was founded in 1990 to change that. It provides everyone with the opportunity to receive the most advanced professional hitting instruction available anywhere! And our membership program allows you to upload, store, and review your own videos using our state-of-the-art swing analysis software.


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